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Food Bank Entry Procedures

1)   Please enter the food bank by walking past the right side of the house/garage, via the side door.

2)   Above the door, there is a yellow light that is turned on by a motion sensor when someone enters the food bank. If you see the yellow light on, that means that someone is in the food bank. Only approach the food bank if the yellow light over the door is NOT on.

3)   If the Yellow Light is on please drive away and come back 5 to 10 minutes later.

4)   The code to open the door is XXXX.  The lights inside (as well as the yellow light outside) will go on automatically.  Please do NOT touch the light switch at any time.  Movement inside will keep the lights on.  If the lights go off while you are inside, just move and the motion detector will turn the lights back on.

5)   Once inside, please take any grocery, refrigerated, or frozen products you need. Please take ONLY what you need.

6)   If you are picking up a Tomchei Shabbos box, please look for your assigned number (given to you by Tomchei Shabbos)

7)   If you do not want something in your Tomchei box, please put it on the shelves or refrigerator/freezer for others.

8)   Please just pull the door shut when you leave.  Do NOT lock the door or touch any lights.


Important Rules:


1)   Please do NOT give the entry code to anyone!  This is for your benefit as well as for the operation of the food bank.  If you are aware of a family that you think will benefit from the services of the Food Bank, please direct them to

2)   Please keep the food bank clean at all times.

3)   Please take ONLY what you need.  As there are many participants, we want to help everyone in need.  By taking more than is needed, others will be left without.

4)   Please do NOT block any driveways on the block.  Do NOT park in the driveway of the house/garage.

5)   Please do NOT bring children to the food bank.