The West Hempstead Food Bank makes every attempt to maintain the complete confidentiality of those who utilize its services.  In fact, we do not require that those in need of services identify themselves to us.  Working with local rabbinic assistance or through a personally selected 'Shaleach' (designee), assistance is provided at a 'distance', using codes, marked boxes, unidentified e-mail addresses, etc.

We empathize with the situations faced by many families and do whatever we can to minimize any levels of discomfort that may arise from the use of the Food Bank's programs.  We sincerely ask for any and all suggestions to increase the level of confidentiality we maintain and our ability to deliver services in the most respectful manner possible.

To provide a better idea of the lengths we go through to ensure confidentiality, please click here to review our procedures for entering the Food Bank's stocked pantry.  These detailed procedures are provided along with the required entry codes once assistance is granted.

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