Access to the Food Bank

To contact and obtain assistance from the Food Bank, select from the option below you are most comfortable with:.

    1. Preferred Method Options (Maintaining Anonymity):
    • Find a 'Shaleach', a person you trust to represent you in dealing with the Food Bank and maintain your anonymity.  The Shaleach must be a person known to a member of the Food Bank or known by a member of the West Hempstead community.  On your behalf, and without disclosing your identity, the Shaleach should e-mail the Food Bank at to make the necessary arrangements.
    • Contact one of the locals rabbinic leaders of the community to make the necessary arrangements:
     2. Direct Contact (Requiring identification to the Food Bank):
         Send an e-mail to  A Food Bank representative will respond within 24 hours to make arrangements with you.

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